Foto: Tord Sandström Fahlström

 “Have you been to the theatre before? If you have, then you know it’s all about stories and tales. So, to start this show, I need to put the Storyteller Hat on. “

On a hill, somewhere in the world, there´s a tree. The tree is happy with its place on Earth. The sun, the air, enough space to stretch the branches and twigs – and to spread the roots underground. 

Foto: Tord Sandström Fahlström

The Actor/ The Storyteller / The Moyan: Hanna Sundelius

The Musician/ The Rubbish/ The other Moyan: Karin Johansson

One night – the tree has a strange dream. Small, white seeds falls down from the sky and lands on the twigs of the tree.The dream seems so real, the tree cannot tell if it is indeed a dream or reality. It itches and tickles when the seeds settle in the twigs. And all of a sudden something begins to grow! It looks like cocoons, like shells and they grow bigger and bigger and bigger and BIGGER until they finally BURST open. And from the cocoon, small worms crawl out. The Moyans.


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